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Chat Information

The Chat Room for this site is a private chat room, and in order to access it, you must be a registered member of our message board system. You access the chat room from a link on the message boards, using your username and password from the boards. This allows us to control access and keep spamming and harassment to a minimum. The purpose of our chat room is for women recovering after an abortion to discuss whatever they want. There is no discussion allowed of new pregnancies, pending abortions, politics or religion in the chat room. If you don't have a message board account yet, click here to sign up for one Message Board Link

Chat Schedule EST: People try to meet in the rooms at these times - there are no guarantees someone will be there, but these are the times to try. You can always post up on the off-topics board if you are going into the chat room, to see if other people will join you.

  • Sunday 7PM
  • Monday 8PM
  • Tuesday 9PM
  • Wednesday 10PM
  • Thursday 11PM
  • Friday 12AM
  • Saturday 1AM

Chat Time Conversion - the easiest way to see what time a chat would be in 'your' time zone is to go make a post on the message board, then see what time the board software says it is - then compare that to your actual time, and you'll know how much difference there is between your time and the board's time. (The board is set to Eastern Standard Time EST) For example, if you go make a test post, and it says your post time is 6PM, but you look at the clock in your room, and it says 9PM, then you know you are 3 hours ahead of the baord's time, and can judge when the chats will be by that.
You can also try this time conversion link here Time Zone Conversion - use Washington D.C. as the board's time, and then pick the city closest to your own.


Because of the real-time nature of chat, and because the Internet is pretty much an open place, the chat room can sometimes be unpredictable, and may have individuals who have joined the boards just to 'disrupt' them, or may want to discuss upsetting topics. If a chat mod is available, they can remove offensive chatters, or chatters who are breaking the rules. If chat mod is in chat at the time, you can report the offending individual on the technical support message board, and we can ban that individual from the chat room. Most of the time the chats are fun, supportive, compassionate, and full of the wonderful regulars from this site. However there is the possibility of disruption. If you are sensitive, and feel that this might upset you, then stick to the message boards where conversation is more controlled, and does not happen so quickly. If you are having technical difficulties getting into the chat room, please post on the Technical Support Board for help.

Chat Room Rules

The chat rooms are randomly moderated. When a moderator is available, they will remove any chatters from the room that do not follow the site's chatting policies. All chats in this room are logged, and IP addresses are logged as well. Abusive chatters will have action taken against them.
  • No prolife/prochoice discussions
  • No graphic discussions
  • No unplanned pregnancy discussions, i.e. no advice or counseling for a woman trying to decide what to do with an unplanned pregnancy - direct such women to Unplanned Pregnancy Information Page
  • No rude, judgmental or abusive comments
  • Chatters who do not follow the rules are subject to immediate booting and banning.
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Send any questions to [email protected]