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Promotional Items, Ideas and Custom Merchandise

If you have trouble opening or printing any PDF file, you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader (it's free)Go here to download Adobe Reader.

Business Cards - you can print these out and cut them up to distribute in your area. You can use card stock paper if available, which will make a nicer looking card, but they will also print on plain paper. Office supply stores will also contain business card paper that is pre-perforated, so you can print and tear apart and it will still look nice. Business cards are small and discreet, and are easy to hand out to other women who are interested, or leave at counters or in bathrooms for women to pick up and slip inconspicuously into their purse. Please only leave Business Cards in appropriate places if you don't ask for permission first. You can also mail these to clinics or Dr's offices in your area.

Available Card Designs

Promotional Merchandise

The store links below will take you to our online merchandise stores through Cafe' Press, that sell items such as mugs, bags, mousepads, shirts, stickers, bumper stickers, license plate frames, journals, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and many other items with the following logos on them. Click on the image or the link to go to each 'store', and see what is offered for sale.

The site sells a variety of custom merchandise, with and without the site logo and URL. If you feel uncomfortable being that "open" about your experience we have several options which contain no statements about PASS or abortion, and some which signify PASS but are discreet and not obvious! All proceeds from the merchandise goes toward paying for the costs of the site, and your support is needed! Through you can purchase any of the logos below on T-shirts, stickers, shorts, coffee mugs, license plate frames, teddy bears, clocks, coasters, calendars, postcards and much more (with new items being added regularly)! As all of our site operations are voluteer run, 100% of the proceeds from your purchases goes towards paying for the site. There are items for different price brackets and even one dollar helps the site!

Pass Hugs Along - a nice way to promote hugs.

I Had One is a simple text logo to signify that you have been through the experience, but contains no political or religious statements about it.

A logo with no text promoting the Daisy, which is a PASS Support Flower.

A logo with no text promoting the Lilac, which is a PASS Support Flower.

The Pass Hugs Along statement in pink, just a nice way to tell people to pass hugs along

The Pass Hugs Along statement in blue, just a nice way to tell people to pass hugs along.

Greetings From Siberia is an inside joke from and old message board system we used to use.

PASS Support has the official site logo along with the URL to the site to help promote the site with those who would feel comfortable wearing it.

PASS Awareness has the official site logo to help spread awareness about PASS but contains no site URL.

You can purchase the Individual Recovery Steps Workbook. The workbook has information on all the recovery steps. The steps evolved out of my own recovery experience and many members of the message boards have found them to be very helpful. The journal has lined pages for all your "step work" as well as your "page a day" writing. If you are participating in one of the online recovery groups you do not need to purchase the recovery steps workbook, but it will assist you if you want a printed guide to help you along.
We also have a journal available you can purchase, this is an 8 1/2 x 11 plain lined journal book with spiral binding so it lays flat for easy writing. Individual Recovery Steps Journal

Promotional Flyers

If you have trouble opening or printing any PDF file, you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader (it's free) Go here to download Adobe Reader.
The lilac flower and/or daisies have been designated as the official flowers for PASS Awareness. Lilacs are more the 'planted' flower, and daisies are the 'cut' flower. (We picked two, because it was very difficult to find lilacs to display as 'cut' flowers). So, you can plant lilacs or daisies, or display bouquets of lilacs or daisies in your home or work spaces, to help show your support.

Letter for Medical Professionals
This is a letter you can print out and mail or deliver to your local clinic or health provider, or a college campus health center. The letter describes our website and it's purpose of neutral support, and requests that the medical professional keep it in mind to recommend to any women they see that have post abortion issues. Click here for the Letter

Local Flyers
These flyers are Adobe PDF files, you can open and print them out or print one out and then copy them for distribution in your local area, such as school bulletin boards, women's health centers, ect.

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