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Healing Help

This section contains ideas for healing, and where women can find help for healing after an abortion, or if they are struggling with PASS. It also contains links to help for men and help for friends or relatives of a woman with PASS.

  • If you need help coping with PASS, get detailed ideas and information from the Healing Room.

  • What is PASS? Is it a 'real' problem? Go here for answers.

  • What's all this 'naming babies' stuff??

  • Are there 'in person' support groups? Right now, there are no neutral 'in person' support groups anywhere for PASS. The only neutral support groups are the ones run online, here at this website. There are also Individual Recovery steps you can use at this site, for healing on your own. There are "in person" religious PASS support groups, such as "Project Rachel" run by the Catholic Church, and some crisis pregnancy centers have post-abortion counseling available. To find a Project Rachel group near you, check the resources section. We are working on setting up guidelines for "In Person" groups, and once we have groups available, we'll be listing the contact person to find out where a group in your area is.

  • Can I get a Pen Pal? Can I be a penpal for someone else? Yes - check out the special "Pen Pals" Forum on our message board system Message Board System Link

  • Try this site's Individual Recovery Steps - for working on healing yourself

  • Try this Site's Online Structured Recovery Group - for working on healing with a group.

  • Stories from women who have found healing at this site

  • Recovery Bookstore

  • If you want someone to talk to right now, check out our contact options! "I need someone to talk to right now!"

  • Not sure if you have Post Abortion Stress Syndrome? Try this Quiz to see if you might be affected by PASS

  • Please review the section on How to Protect Your Privacy Online

    Healing for Men and Others
  • Check out the information for men's recovery and help for men, relatives and friends of women who've had an abortion

  • Want to help other women recover from an abortion? Want to put your talents and special abilities to work for women with PASS everywhere? Join the PASS Foundation. Check out what the PASS Foundation is all about, and see if you can volunteer to help!

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    Send any questions to [email protected]