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Sharing Stories and Information

This section contains writing and ideas that other women who've had abortions want to share with website visitors. They range from their own personal stories, their advice, their ideas, poems they have written, media warnings of TV shows and movies with triggers in them, and other information. This also provides information about women who are working on projects, and are interested in input from other women.

  • What is PASS? Is it a 'real' problem? Go here for answers.

  • Read stories from women who've had abortions, and wanted to share their experience with other women.

  • See Emma's story in the Australian Issue of Glamour, June 2005.
    Emma's Story Page 1
    Emma's Story Page 2

  • Would you like to Share your own story about your experience with others? The submission form is on this page. This is for posting your story on this website.

  • Want to share your experience for a book about PASS? Go here for more information

  • Suggested "Do's and Dont's" for support people, partners and family of a woman who's had an abortion

  • Are you a woman who's had an abortion, who is interested in sharing your story, opinion, or participating in research? Then be sure to check out the Research Board on the moderated section. These areas are where we steer anyone who comes to the site asking for information, or looking for women who want to share their experience. Message Board Index, yet provides a place for women who are interested in sharing their experience to find others who are looking for their stories.

  • Has this site made your life better? Check out the "testimonials" page to hear from women who found healing at this site. Submit your own information, if you have been helped here too!

  • Read Media Warnings for women recovering from PASS. This lists books, TV shoes and movies that contain material which could be triggering or upsetting to the woman recovering from an abortion. Submit your own media warnings too .

  • Do's and Don'ts for support people and professionals - a list of what is and isn't helpful for the woman recovering from PASS to hear. Submit your suggestions too.

  • PASS can lead to sleep problems, and sleep disruption afterwards. Read about these common Dreams and Nightmares after an abortion. Submit your dreams too.

  • Read some thought provoking Poetry from women recovering from PASS. Submit your poems to share too.

  • Songs from popular music about abortion. Some of these are openly about abortion, others are just ones that we feel relate to the situations. Submit your favorite!

  • Do spirits exist before birth? can they communicate? Do they return to heaven if they are not born? Check out Elisabeth Hallet's Pre-Birth Communication Site, and see if you agree with her research!

  • Want to help other women recover from an abortion? Want to put your talents and special abilities to work for women with PASS everywhere? Join the PASS Foundation. Check out what the PASS Foundation is all about, and see if you can volunteer to help!

  • Shop Online and help women with PASS..

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