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Email Groups

Due to problems with yahoo's privacy policy and email harassment, the official email groups previously associated with the PASS site have been eliminated and all conversations are encouraged to talk place on the message boards instead. This includes the former MSN PASS Support Chat room/email/boards area.

We can control and track what people do and say on the main PASS Support message boards, but we CANNOT control what people send through outside emails and through instant messenger and chat programs. If you recieve harassing emails from someone, we encourage you to report it to the abuse address of their mail server, and to block them from your email address to their messages will be rejected. Check with the tech support for your email service on details of how to block a sender, if you don't know.

To report a harassing email, check out where the email came from, for example if it says [email protected], then you must go to aol to report the harassment.

The same for Instant Messenging programs, report harassment to the maker of the IM program.

You can also forward copies of harassment to [email protected] and we can try and determine if the person is a member of the PASS site, and take appropriate legal action if they are.

Also please review our general commonsense internet privacy guidelines for help with privacy and harassment on the internet.

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Send any questions to [email protected]