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Press Recognition

Here is a list of articles or mentions of this site. (Please remember that these articles reflect the opinions and words of the writers and the publications that they were issued in - They do NOT necessarily reflect my views!)

List of Articles

  1. July 2004 - jilly appeared on CN8's talk show "Real Life with Mary Amoroso" to discuss the After Abortion website and neutral after abortion healing.
  2. June 2004 - Psychology Today June 2004 Issue - Mention of the website in an article on abortion and men
  3. January 2001 - National Review Online - "Looking Beyond Choice" By Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO Executive Editor
  4. January 2001 - Glamour Article, Jan. 2001 - RU486 article featuring the story of a woman from this site, and her experience with RU486.(text not available online)
  5. November 1999 - National Catholic Register"After the Abortion: With Pro-Choicers' Help, More are Confronting Their Pain"by Brian McGuire
  6. July 9, 1999 - "Virtual Healing" reprint in Washington Times noted online in the Kaiser Family Foundation Reproductive Health Report
  7. July 8th, 1999 - "Virtual Healing" reprinted in The Washington Times - Culture Page A2.
  8. Spring 1999 - The Human Life Review, Spring 1999 published the article "Virtual Healing" by Kathryn Jean Lopez

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