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PASS Book Stores

After Abortion Recovery

Individual Recovery Steps

Note: - The Recovery Book is now also available as an eBook, and we have another eBook, for physical and emotional recovery immediately after an abortion.

  • How to feel better after an abortion - Physical and Emotional Recovery the first few days, weeks and months. - This book helps you through the physical and emotional recovery process in the first few days, weeks and months after an abortion. Based on the experiences shared by thousands of women at the Post Abortion Stress Support Website, online since 1998, you will read examples from women, and have guidelines on what is normal afterwards, such as how much cramping, and bleeding to expect, activity levels, and what to do and not to do while you are recovering. This book is also helpful if you are planning for an abortion. You can read through the guidelines ahead of time and be familiar with what will occur afterwards, and make yourself as prepared as you can be before your abortion.

  • How to feel better after an abortion - PASS Recovery Steps - This book is for women who had an abortion 3 months or more ago, and are not feeling better, and are having persistent problems with getting back to normal.
You can also buy a print version of the PASS Recovery Steps below, from Cafe' Press. Individual Recovery Steps Workbook

We have a special section on our message board system for women working on the Individual Recovery Steps. If you want help, have questions or need input or support on a particular step, please post at the Individual Recovery Steps Message Board.

These are some alternative commercial books available on abortion and post abortion healing. The books listed in this section range in scope from religious to non-religious, to prolife and prochoice. These books do NOT necessarily represent our philosophy at this site, but are just a general collection of what is available in the abortion healing book arena. Each author approaches the abortion experience and post abortion healing from their own point of view, so it's up to each individual visitor to view the available info about a book and decide if it is suitable for them before purchasing it.

Abortion Healing Books

Click on the title or picture to see price, details and more information. Clicking through takes you to for purchasing.

  cover - The Healing Choice   cover - Her Choice to Heal   cover Abortion : My Choice, God's Grace
  cover - Forgiven and Set Free   cover - Unspeakable Losses   cover Abortion - Living with your choice. cover Do Not Lose Hope - healing the wounded woman.
  - I'll Hold You in Heaven   A Time to Decide a Time to Heal : For Parents with a Poor Prenatal Diagnosis Healing a Fathers Heart : A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men
Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion - by Theresa Burke, PhD. and David Reardon. Stories of the Unborn Soul: The Mystery and Delight of Pre-Birth Communication Abortion and Healing : A Cry to Be Whole

The following Amazon box displays randomly generated books about Abortion - again, please read the book's description before purchasing, as they may include Prolife or Prochoice books.


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