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Opinions, Surveys, and Essays

This section has opinion pieces, from things like my online surveys, and the survey results, to other people's opinions on different issues regarding abortion and women's issues. This section is composed of opinions of many different people. I am trying to allow for introspective thinking and new ideas in how we view women and treat women and their reproductive health issues, now and in the future. If you have your own opinion piece you'd like to contribute, please email it to me! [email protected]

  • Visit the PASS Online Store to help support this site.

  • Doing a school paper, or conducting personal research? Go here to ask questions

  • Stages, Symptoms & FAQs about PASS

  • PMDD 'real' and PASS not? "It's the money and politics, stupid!"

  • Are you a woman who's had an abortion, who is interested in sharing your story, opinion, or participating in research? Then be sure to check out the "Feedback Board" in the unmoderated boards section, or the 'research and school papers' board in the moderated board section. These special boards are where we steer anyone who comes to the site asking for information, or looking for women who want to share their experience. This keeps triggering material like that off the 'support' boards. Click Here for the Message Board Index

  • Check out the surveys and quizzes in our Online Surveys and Quizzes Section

  • What does a fetus look like at different stages? Does a fetus feel pain? Read the latest information in the Sensitive Issues Information Section

  • Is there Life after Death? Do souls reincarnate? Can I communicate with the soul of my baby? Look for answers here.

  • Read my writings about abortion as related to many different topics. Some are humorous, some are serious.

  • Read my essay about why Abortion in America today has become a Social Problem.

  • When 'heartbreak' is the only choice - a poignant story of late term abortions.

  • Do spirits exist before birth? can they communicate before birth? Do they return to heaven if they are not born? Check out Elisabeth Hallet's Pre-Birth Communication Site, and see if you agree with her research!

  • What do all those different terms (proabortion, prolife, prowoman, prochild) really mean, and what is the bottom line on how we should be handling the abortion dilemma in America?

  • Read Press Recognition about this Site

  • Read what Demi Moore and Cher had to say about their HBO film about abortion.

  • A very informative and well done study on the effects of abortion on men by Michael Simon, M.S.,M.A.

  • Researchers identify P.A.S. as a legitimate illness in 1992.

  • Find your Legislative Representatives, and tell them your view on PASS (and anything else!)

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      Send any questions to [email protected]