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Individual Recovery Steps

If you are interested in a workbook to help you heal, we have a book you can purchase that contains what I call my "Individual Recovery Steps". These steps evolved out of my own recovery experience, and the thoughts and ideas of other women who have healed here at this site. I wrote this recovery steps workbook over the last 5 years, incorporating healing ideas, information and examples from women here at the site, as well as my own insights and teachings. The workbook has two sections - the first section takes you through your experience, and through all the feelings associated with such as:

    Section One:
  1. Telling Your Story - writing down your story about your abortion.
  2. Responsibility and Blame - discussing what or whom you feel was partly responsible for you choosing the path you did.
  3. Anger - reviewing where you have anger, and who or what it is directed towards, in regards to your experiemce
  4. Forgiveness - working on feelings of forgiveness, and strategies for letting go of anger
  5. Dealing with the Loss of 'yourself' - feelings like loss of innocence, loss of your yourself and your plans for your life.

    Section Two:

  6. Loss of the Potential Baby - discussing if you feel any feelings of loss towards the potential baby.
  7. Communicating with the Loss - working on communicating with the entity you feel the loss for.
  8. Remembrance Activities - Doing remembrance activities to remember your losses
  9. Moving Forward - reviewing your healing journey, and discussing strategies fro dealing with triggers and other issues that may still be bothering you.

This workbook program has helped many many women recover and feel better through a neutral, non-religion based, non-political method. You can read some of the comments women have made about how they have been helped at this page: Testimonials Page You can purchase the book by clicking on the link below. The book is published through Cafe' Press, and arrives in a plain envelope, with Cafe' Press as the return address.

Individual Recovery Steps Workbook

We have a special section on our message board system for women working on the Individual Recovery Steps. If you want help, have questions or need input or support on a particular step, please post at the Individual Recovery Steps Message Board in te message board section.

We also have a journal available you can purchase, this is an 8 1/2 x 11 plain lined journal book with spiral binding so it lays flat for easy writing. Individual Recovery Steps Journal

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Send any questions to [email protected]