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Testimonials - How this site has helped women.

If you would like to submit your own 'testimonial' of how the site has helped you, please PM me through the message board system with your submission.

This site has been in operation since June 1998, started as my personal project to help myself heal, and find other women like me who needed support, and wanted to heal from their abortions. The submissions below are from women who have found help and healing at the site. We provide these stories so that 'new' visitors will know there is hope for the future, and despite the pain you may be in now, many of us have been at the same place, and are now recovered and feeling better.

  • I had spent years with an aching feeling that something wasn't quite right. Nothing filled the void. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't make a decision, and I worked almost 80 hours a week. I continuously placed myself in situations where I had no control. My Mother still dictated my life, and my husband, and my job, and my stepchildren. I paid all the bills, worked all of the time and walked around like a zombie. Guess what? I had PASS. The anger had eaten away at my life, well- I didn't have a life before I found this site.

    Nothing mattered to me. No one really did either. I had nightmares nightly. I was afraid to sleep- I was convinced that I was possessed. All the negativity in my life had taken its toll, and when I stumbled on this site I had pretty much decided that nothing would help me. I had been in and out of therapy- 7 different therapists over the years. I worked on all my co-dependency issues, all my self-esteem would get better for a couple of weeks, but then after that I was right back where I started. I deserved to be this this way. I rationalized everything...until I found this site.

    I took the PASS quiz and cried for 3 days. I was so afraid of being judged. I carried this horrible secret that I was not allowed to tell. Not to anyone, not even myself. I had spent 13 years in a state of denial, but being 37 reality that I would not have children started to weight heavily on my heart. Mine was a forced therapeutic at 17 last opportunity, my last hope. I was filled with rage.

    As I began to post on the boards something happened to me. I was not turned away. Sometimes I felt that what I said sounded so stupid, well that was what I had been told for so many years. I was very good at hiding how I felt, even to all of those therapists. I had never been placed on antidepressants, but I asked for them after encouragement from here and it began to get "level". I started a structured recovery group, and it literally changed my life. All of the rage and the pain that I had stuffed for all of the years began to come out. It was HARD, HARD work, but it saved my life- it gave me my life back. As I began to sift through my feelings and emotions I contacted the father of my child and realized how far I had to go to get to where I needed to be. jilly and all of the other women at this site, ok I'm crying now...their insight, their caring words, their insightful advice. It has started me on a journey of epic proportions- and that is an understatement. It affected every area of my life, how I felt about family, friends, my work, my purpose on this area was left unaffected.

    Sounds strange, but I know why I am here now. I know the type of person that I want to be and what is important. I am stronger, I am empowered. There are still bad days, but I got through it- never over it- but through it. (jilly's wise, wise words!!)

  • I had my abortion September 2, 1998 and that is a day I will never forget...and not for it's good nature. I remember the stress I was dealing with at the time, that I hardly remember it hitting me until the month of October. Mid-October, I remember the beginning of emotional trauma I went through. Many nights were spent in the dark, writing poetry by candlelight, listening to soft music, crying hysterically. I'd wake up in the morning with puffy, burning, red eyes, I could barely open them. Many days I didn't even want to get out of bed, some days I didn't. Not a day went by for the two years that I didn't want to kill myself, I would drive around the outskirts of the city, crying my eyes out and wishing someone would come into my lane to take me out of my misery...until one night it happened. A truck swerved into my lane, and I swerved out of his way. That is the night I realized that I didn't want to die, I wanted my pain to die. I realized that was a big difference. That didn't mean that it was the end of the many nights of crying, I just had come to terms with my feelings. In October 1998, I began exploring websites for help and I found Kala's Group where I met some ladies which linked me to this site. I have met so many wonderful women (and men) from this site and have formed some great friendships with some of them too. They truly are a God send for me, and I honestly don't think I would be here if it weren't for them. In the last two and a half years of my life, I have overcome a lot! I have dropped out of college, worked for a year, paid off the debts the psycho (the ex) left me with. I have patched up some broken friendships and I have mended the relationship with my family, as all that had been broken apart due to my ex (the psycho). I began eating properly and taking care of ME! I have moved away from home to go to school, in a program I love and I will graduate next year. Money is still an issue, but when isn't it? Emotionally, I am as stable as I can be right now. Looking back, I would've never pictured myself coming this far. I am proud of myself for my strength, but I would've never found myself to come this far without the help of this site and it's boards. Many nights these ladies sat up in chat rooms supporting me, emailing me words of support and love, and posting on the boards. When I fell, they picked me up! And even when I fall now, they are still there after all this time, picking me up. We are more than supporters, we are friends! I really hope you find the comfort I have found on this site. It really is a God send, and Jilly does anything she can for our safety on the boards and takes time out of her busy schedule to make sure we are all alright. Thank you Jilly! Everyone deals with grief and the loss of a loved one differently and it may take more time or less time for you to heal. The first year is usually the least for me it was. The pain lessens with time and I find the more you talk about it (this could be through e-mails or the boards) the better you feel. There is nothing wrong with crying and being upset, what you feel is normal!

    If we fill our hours with regrets of yesterday and with worries of tomorrow, we have no today in which to be thankful. -Author Unknown

  • This place has been AMAZING! I came here so confused and torn inside. I was in a million pieces and now I feel like a whole person again. I was so down and thought my life would never get "back to normal". I went on like this for 2 months. After being at this site for 3 weeks I feel like I am on my way to getting back to "normal". It can be slightly overwhelming at first because it seems like such a close knit group here, but after a few posts the response is incredible. Everyone here is willing to hear you and help you all the while not judging. Jilly, you are responsible for an incredible service that has probably saved my life. Thanks to you and everyone here to takes the time to help others even in their time of need.

  • When I found this site last March, it was a blessing. I searched in need of help, desperate help...I was suicidal. Although my abortion was 17 years ago (when I found the site)it was March 2000, when I realized that I had P.A.S.S. I e-mailed Jilly quickly with a real need....I needed to figure out what was happening, I needed some support and guidance. I found this and more here! I didn't know where to start except at the beginning. I joined a structured recovery group which was pretty intense, as it had been YEARS that I had even thought about my abortion, it was time to DEAL with it. The group was wonderful, and I really believed it saved my life. I became stronger within a month, although I had my little setbacks, and still do, I can now get right back up and move forward with my healing. I still have a way to go, but I can see the difference in myself then and now. That deep darkness of depression is now turning into a ray of light. I felt welcomed at this site, and met wonderful women I now call my friends.

  • I found this site the day after I had my abortion--thank goodness! I was numb through all of the planning for the abortion and through the whole procedure itself, but as soon as it was over, I felt the world crash down around me and my heart deflate, and I started hyperventilating. I went to sleep for the rest of that day, and was hysterical the next day. To make it worse, I felt like nobody would understand my pain and that I wouldn't find any support because of the stigma involved in having an abortion. But then I found this site! I realized that all of my emotions had a name and were "normal" (the clinic I went to said women feel relief afterwards and didn't counsel me before or even after about PASS). The information about PASS, the individual recovery steps, the remembrance ideas, and especially the understanding and care from women on the message boards may have just saved my life. I don't know if I would have been able to work through my loss without this site, partly because I don't know if I would have thought that I was "allowed" to grieve after an abortion. And I sure wouldn't have known how to work through everything I felt in such positive, healing ways without everyone's advice. I feel like this is my stability--the thing that's always here and always understanding 24 hours a day. I browsed around other sites, but didn't find the non-judgmental and non-political environment I could get from here. Thanks to everything I've learned here, I've been able to work through the emotions I'm feeling. I still miss and love my baby and I always will, and I still have some ups and downs, especially on anniversaries or if something just triggers me, but I have many more good days than bad now. And I'm making happy plans for the future.

  • If it weren't for this site i honestly don't know where i would be. it is so comforting to know that there are women who are so supportive and willing to share and listen. I consider you Jilly, and this site a wonderful gift that has helped me get through the toughest time in my life.

  • I found this site in May 2000 and I'd had my abortion in December 1997. I spent two and a half years feeling alone in how I felt. During that time, I went to three counselors and none of them recognized how much pain I was in. Since it was all free counseling ( one counselor was through the hospital I'd had my abortion at and the other two were at my school) they basically wanted me in and out of there as soon as possible. I spent so many nights just crying and crying and feeling like I must be the only woman in the world who felt this way about her abortion. I couldn't move on with my life. I was stuck in a deep rut of depression with no way out.

    In May 2000, my boyfriend (not the father) suggested that I might be able to find some resources on the internet to help me heal. So on one of my more desperate and sad nights, I did a search for "abortion and healing" and this was fortunately the first site I found. I was so happy to find out there was a name for what I felt: Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. I was shocked to find out that there were so many other women who felt like I did. I would post things that I thought no one else would understand. Then I'd receive several responses from other women who told me they knew exactly how I felt, because they had been where I was. I finally felt my feelings were validated.

    I quickly became friends with many of the wonderful ladies who come here. I did the individual recovery program, which helped me to release a lot of my anger about my abortion situation.

    Now, I am a much happier person. I have a better relationship with my boyfriend, and I feel better about myself. I continue my healing process by helping others. That's why I've volunteered to be a board leader on two of the boards, and why I come here so often. I want women to know they aren't alone, and that they can heal and move forward with their lives.

  • Jilly, I just want to say thank you. I've been looking a lot for some kind of help struggling with my own emotions. I found answers for which I was looking for, I've found group of people I feel close to...This is BECAUSE OF YOUR HELP, this is because of fantastic work you have done establishing this webpage. Thank you for your quick respond when I wrote and encouraging words to join the abortion-healing group. This is very important. Hope so in future when I'll get stronger I'll be able to help.

  • Hi! I am so glad that you are doing this, as it gives me a chance to say how wonderful I think this site is. I had an abortion eight months ago, and it didn't upset me at the time, but afterwards I kept thinking about my faith and how it affected me as a person. I felt that by not telling people what I had done that I was decieving them into liking me. I had the abortion because the father was not someone who I would want to be a father for my child, and I had decided that I never want my own children, for selfish reasons as well as the fact that I didn't want to pass on my disorders to another innocent child. Still, no reasons seemed good enough. I got worse and worse, and felt trapped by this secret. A horrible person who no-one would love if they knew. After coming here, and talking, I have learned that that's just not true. I have recieved so much love and support and advice from anonymous people... much more than from any health professional! The people here are beatiful and inspiring in their honesty and kindness, and I can't express how much this site means to me. I figure that if people who have had abortions are capable of helping others in such a special, caring manner, then maybe we aren't so bad after all. I know that God forgives us, and we forgive each other. This site helps us to forgive ourselves. I wish that the world could be a softer place for us all to live in, but we do our best and keep going. I see this site as my 'pillow' for my soul, when I am tired. Thank you so much for all those shoulders!

  • I was looking around on your site, which by the way looks great. and i found the page with the healing stories. i read them all but found one to look very familiar...those were my words...i thank you for using my story as part of that page, it really means a lot to me, if only you knew! i don't know how to thank you enough for all that you have done for me. my ab was sept 2/98 and i found the site in oct/98...i didn't realize that it had only been started in june of that year. i sit here and cry...thinking of how far i've come...and it's thanks to you, if it weren't for you reaching out to all the women who have walked a similar path in life, i would've never found them...and i probably wouldn't be sitting here...or anywhere. i just wanted to express my feelings to you and i thank you a million times, i hope you go to bed every night knowing how much you have changed my life as well as others. God worked a little longer making you, to make you so special!! you have a special place in my heart! thank you so much,

  • Thank you so much for creating this site. I have spent the last week reading about others experiences, and trying to come to terms with mine. I posted for the first time on the 30th and just posted again today. I went to the message board for multiple abortions, to see how other women have dealt with experiencing more the one abortion. Thank god for this site. I found so much information, and the support these women offer is so unconditional. I hope when I am able to work through this and heal, that I can help others in the same way. I would also like to say thank you for your post about the ring you wear sometimes, I think I am going to have one made to remember and honor my babies. Your story is truly inspiring, and so unselfishly candid. Thanks again, and enjoy this new millennium
    Sincerely Thankful,

  • Well i have put up many posts since i have started coming to this site, and it seems that the more that i read about other people, the more i have to say about my own experience. the number of responses has been surprising to me, but made me feel so incredibly much better. every time i check my email, it's like another person has checked in to see how i'm doing, or has provided me with her own story so that i know that i am not alone. i just want to say that in the 2 days that i have been coming here, i have been helped enormously. so many people have put into words the things that i could not explain, and i am amazed (but saddened) to see how many people are going through exactly what i am going through. in fact, in reading this i even managed to somewhat salvage the relationship between myself and the father. i finally feel like i am going to be okay - as long as i continue to come here.

  • I really needed to let you know just how much I've been helped by reading over your site. I've been experiencing almost ALL of the symptoms listed for PAS. Most of the time I've embraced the pain-feeling that I deserved it as my punishment for what I did. Honestly, I still feel that way deep inside my heart and soul...but there is some comfort found from reading what others have had to say. I'm going to look for some kind of counseling in my area...hopefully someone who can be as compassionate as those found on your site. Even all these years later, the pain is as real, as fresh, and as debilitating as it was in those early years.
    Thank you for a start....

  • "Thank you for this site. In tears, I was ready to give up when I found your site. It is a Godsend to me at this time. I had an abortion on Sept. 17 and have painfully regretted it every day since then. Since there is such a social stigma against abortion, I don't know where else to turn but to your website. I already feel much better after reading your articles and other's feelings."

  • I just want to thank everyone who responded to my story. It's great to have this site. I have read a good deal of the materials here and it is just nice to know that others feel the same way I do I can relate to the "triggers" and other things. Before I found this site I thought that I was the only person who felt like this (I know it sounds like a cliche but it's true). I didn't have anyone who understood or more to the point empathize with me. Thank you.

  • Jilly , I want to thank you ,This site has helped save my daughter's life in the true sense of the word, with out it i am not sure what would have happened ,She has found the comfort and assurance that she needed so badly,I can't say enough to thank you and all the women that come to these boards and to Catherine whose words seem to help everyone ,i feel you all are such wonderful compassionate people and as a mother i once again thank all of you ,love to all ,
    " A Mother"

  • thank you so much, for one year, nine months, and 11 days i have suffered from PASS. I just learned of this term yesterday! there is actually a term! for almost two years everyone around me has thought I was out of mind. i just looked you up and haven't even looked through anything on your site but, I already want to say thank you for having such a site. thank you from "I'm not crazy....."

  • I just have to say thank-you! Thank-you for being a leader and making these boards possible. I have been on a couple of them but have discovered new ones that I didn't know existed tonight! I could kick myself for not exploring and I am so excited about them! I was starting to feel like I wasn't getting enough out of some of them (I still like them very much) and they didn't cover all the area's I wanted but heck the rest certainly do!!!!!! Thank-you. Please pass this on to other members if you can! These boards have brought so much relief already and I imagine the ones I have discovered will too! You guys are doing such a great job!!!!!

  • As a new person around here, I want to THANK all of you, each and every one, who puts out a hand to help others, including myself. This site- and all of you wonderful people- have helped me so much. Getting through all of this would have been so much harder without all of you. I don't post all of the time, but I come in here to read and reflect every day. It's so rewarding to me now. It means so much to see how you help each other. This site is a BIG part of my recovery and healing. You are my sunshine!

  • Hi Jilly, I am sure I speak for countless women before me when I say thank God I found this site. I was diagnosed "PTSD" 2 days ago, the trauma being an abortion just over 2 years ago. All of the symptoms of PTSD fit me, but I wondered, like all of us, am I the only one? For the past 2 days I've been to the site I can't tell you how many times. I've read message boards, got in on a chat last night (and felt an instant kinship with these amazing women), read others' stories. I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you.

  • Jilly, This site has benefited me in more ways than I can express. I suffered through my pain in silence for more than six years, all the while thinking something was mentally wrong with me for being unable to forget the past. After finding your site, I realized there was nothing abnormal about me---there are thousands of women struggling through this same darkness. I now know my pain, my inability to find peace, even my initial refusal to acknowledge the emptiness in my life are all signs of a deep trauma, not signs of me losing my mind. The silence and denial surrounding PASS are what made me feel so isolated, unbalanced, and defeated. Your site lifted that silence, provided an outlet for me to express my long hidden emotions, and have helped me move into a more peaceful acceptance of my abortion. Of course the pain is still there, but it isn't quite as crippling as it once was. I owe that to this site---to the women who form this community and to the education provided by all of your hard work.

  • I just want to say a few things. I was a wreck when I first came to this site. I know that this site has helped me through soooooooooo much. I'm so glad that it is here and I think this site is WONDERFUL!!!!! To everyone here, I would like to say, that I deeply care and love you all. I have found friends here that are so magnificent! I have laughed here, cried here, shared here, helped here, found peace and hope here, found help and support here. All those mean so much. All of you here are so caring and so great. Each one of you are so SPECIAL!!!! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have all of you. You all mean so much to me. Words can't express the gratitude I feel toward jilly, this site, and all of your friendships. I have made friends here that are so special and that it something. Even though I have never meet any of you in person, you are all so real to me and I thank God for each of you and for this site. I now have so much peace and I know that if ever I need a friend or just need to talk things out, I can find it here. My abortion was a rough experience for me, but this site and all of you here have made me so strong! Thanks for the shoulders I have cried on and the listening and caring friends I have here! I love you all!!!!!! Sorry that this is so long, but I was so compelled to say this. Thanks again and lots of love, care, and ((HUGS)) to you all!

  • i just wanted to thank you for making this site. it has been such a great help for me. i had an abortion 1 year ago and i have suffered from pass for about 7 months and some sites on the internet are so triggering for me and for lots of women i am sure but your site is so good cause its neutral. i love the chats as well. the women there are so nice to each other. just wanted to say thanks for the great site and keep up the great work.

  • I can't believe how my life has changed since I started using this site. I'm not the only one out there, there are so many of us going through this. I have become stronger by reading, posting and by receiving and giving advise and support to other women. I told myself that I would never tell my fianc�e about my "a" and now I found the strength to tell him and I feel better about myself and our relationship. I don't think that I could marry him without letting him know how I became the person I am now. I have also met a wonderful friend.. we talk on ICQ and send pics back and forth. And even though we live miles apart in different countries, we have been able to be there for each other. I have come along way from 8 years ago and still feel sad sometimes, but I know that with all of your support and friendships we are all survivors.

  • when i first found this site - over a year ago i think - i wasn't very actively involved. in fact i just emailed the email list occasionally, and i don't think i ever posted, maybe once or twice. then i went away for 3 months this summer, and when i came back, well somehow i just got more and more involved at the site. and now, for the first time in a really long time, i feel this sense of COMMUNITY... this sense of BELONGING... do you know what i mean? i mean the fact that we have all been through abortions is what brought us together here, but that's not what's holding us together.. we are a community because there is so so much love and care and support here. i feel as if you are all my dear close friends, closer than some friends I've had for years. and i feel this belonging, as if people know me, and actually care about my presence or absence. and since i became a board leader, i also feel like i actually might be helping people feel a tiny bit better. and that is THE most awesome feeling in the world. i honestly really feel that i am healing through the help i give others in healing. and it is THE BEST and most warm-fuzzy feeling inside when someone tells you that you made a difference or that you're needed. if i could, i would come and find each one of you wherever you live, and hug you and tell you what a difference you have made to me. this site is not just an abortion-healing site for me now, it's a friendship site, it's the site where i can communicate with the most kind and caring people in the world. it's a site where almost everyone knows me, and EVERYONE cares. you know what i mean?... maybe i'm deceiving myself. maybe my presence/absence doesn't really make a difference... but I'd like to - and i do - believe otherwise, and that the friends I've made here are not regular 'cyber-friends' but way way more than that. they are friends who really do care in their hearts. yes i know this has gone on for awhile, but it's really hard to put everything i feel in my heart into words. anyway, I'll wind up now, and hope you all get what i'm saying. i guess my whole point is to say THANK YOU for making me feel that i belong, that i am cared about, that i am needed, and that i make a difference. thank YOU, each and every one of you, for making this difference in my life.

  • I did want to say what a tremendous help this site has been to me in my healing. ((((THANK YOU JILLY)))) Before this site I though I was going to be doomed to suffer with this alone for the rest of my life. I feel as if Jilly has given me a piece of my life and sanity back

  • I have been lonely for many years! I no longer feel lonely! My journey to healing continues, I can see how far I have come in healing and how far I still have to go...but I have accepted......really, seriously, I HAVE ACCEPTED..... This is due to the fact that I found this great web site that has VALIDATED all my feelings.....I have been able to let go of many things....after all these years of trying to heal, find the answer, and forgive myself.....I now understand that my pain is shared by many others....and I have realized that all these other people here are wonderful, kind, nonjudgmental, helpful, beautiful people...........just like me.....yeah, thats right JUST LIKE ME.........I had to write this and see if I could hit send.....................I HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • I just wanted to write this post to Jilly, and the rest of the people that help run this site, which includes all the women who come here for help, to say how much I appreciate this site being here. I don't know where I'd be with out it. It helps so much to know that there are everyone supports and understands without judgement about this incredibly difficult time in my life. I feel like this site makes a great effort to respect every person who comes here, and I think that in situations like this often times the respect is somehow lost...But before I start to ramble, I'll stop, but I just wanted someone to know how much this site means to me. Even though I know it's only been a month, and I'm nowhere near recovered I at least know that I can come here anytime and be listened to and most of all, loved...THANK YOU TO ALL

  • Hi, I just had too thank u for your site. It's has got me thru the last couple of days. AND NIGHTS! I'm very sad. It was my first pregnancy. Your site has helped me feel a bit better. It gives me some hope when I hear other women who feel as I do. I'm having a hard time with my loss. I was sorry to see nobody in the chat tonight. I was hoping to talk to someone. I never imagined the pain would be like this. My heart is truly broke. It's only been a few days and I feel very alone, your site has been my best comfort. I don't have much support at this time, but what I've read has helped. I hope I will be able to heal, and maybe help another person in pain one day. thank you jilly for taking time to write me, it has also helped.

  • I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. I find it a positive safe haven that you provide for many of us. I have been browsing this site for about a month and a half and just by reading the different posts i am healing a lot of open wounds. I don't feel alone anymore and I know that I have the strength to carry on. I know you must get many emails like this but again i just wanted to thank you and wish you well. :-)

  • Jilly, I just wanted to let you know how much this site has helped me and I am sure countless other women who have felt there was nowhere else to turn. It is such a relief to know there are others out there who understand and care. I have looked over the message boards and you always have good advice and intervene when necessary with appropriate comments. When I was told I may not be able to have children after having two abortions, the overwhelming despair almost overcame me. I am so grateful to be able to air my concerns and fears in a place where I know I won't be judged or frowned upon. Keep up the good work -- you have made a difference!!

  • Jilly, Thanks for the information. This is probably the first time I have ever felt hope about finding peace and while I know the journey will be a difficult and emotional one, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to do it.

  • Well I have good news! I went to see my psychologist and immediately she could tell that I was doing so much better. She immediately said how great I looked and couldn't get over the drastic change in me. My life is finally getting back on track with everything. I'm feeling so much better about myself and my marriage. My husband and I have talked things over and we are doing much better. I actually enjoy sex now! WOW have I come a long way! She even said I didn't need to come back for awhile as well as I'm doing but to not hesitate about coming back if I needed her. Oh and what is really great is that I told her all about my AB story and about everything that happened in my life because of it and about this site and about my structured recovery group I was going through, etc. So when I went this last time she told me she had to thank me -- she said because of me she was able to help a lady that had been going to see her for 2 1/2 years and was in some serious depression and she finally told her that she had an abortion when she was 16 (and this was after 2 1/2 years of seeing the psychologist) and she said that she was able to point her in some directions like to this site and told her a little bit about my story (anonymously of course). And since the lady finally told her about her AB all of her problems made so much more sense and she was able to help her so much more. But I was so thrilled that I could help a psychologist of all things!!!

  • I am sure that you get many of these emails Jilly but I wanted you to know that your chat room saved my life. I don't have anyone to talk to, and I was hitting a low point when I got to talk to the women in the chat room. I am sincerely grateful that your site was here for me.
    Thank you,

  • Whom ever you are, you are my saving grace tonight. I'm 24 years old and it's been 2 years and 5 months since my abortion. It's always been a struggle from day one to rid myself of the guilt and sadness that accompanied this 'choice' which I am grateful I had, however unbearable to live with. I was not educated at all regarding post partum or the feelings that would follow after the 15minute procedure, probably for the rest of my life. I had counseling several months after my abortion, only after I made some thoughtless decisions in my life. After my abortion , my life seem to be a jumbled up mess of bad decisions one after the other, and pools and pools of tears mixed with the inability to make choices for myself without second guessing each and every one. I've been on my own since I was 16. Practically raised my younger sister who is 8 years younger than myself, and here I was 22 living with a father I barely knew and his wife who I didn't care to know, in a small town which I had never been to, yet more than willingly to drove thousands of miles to get away from where I was. There's so much more to my story but it's almost 2 in the morning and my poor fianc�e is sleeping on the couch so I can read your web site and find some solace finally. I just could not close my eyes for the night, until I Thanked You from the bottom of my heart for having put this web site up without any judgements, or religious overtones. I haven't even been able to read all of the site yet, but from what I've seen this is what I was hoping was out there for me, to begin my healing process. It's been a longtime coming. I never realized how affected I would be by all this. They never tell you about the after effects do they. Another reason why I was so attracted to your site, is because "you've been there, and done that". Nothing burns me more than a person having an opinion on the matter when they don't even come close to understanding the complexity of it. I think you know what I mean, and most importantly, feel. I used to be one of those people - Thank You So much for your time and again this web site , which will help me get through this, one day at a time - I also have a song that I would like to contribute by "Faith Hill" called "Wild Frontier". I will type it up tomorrow, which is technically today- Thank You Again,

  • Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I have already really enjoyed and taken so much from your website! I really like that it is politically neutral, that makes me feel really safe there... Also, just having information about the effects of PASS and what I can do about it is incredible and is truly an answer to my prayers. I applaud your work and send my sincerest thanks.

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