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About PASS


This site is owned by 'jilly', a woman who has had 5 abortions, and overcome her own struggles with PASS. The website first came online in June 1998. The website has moderators that help with the message boards and chat rooms. These women are simply other women who've had an abortion themselves, and provide 'peer support' help. We do not have any health professionals here.

This site is not affiliated with or supported by any political or religious group, and is a neutral place of support, information and healing. We deal only with post abortion healing and issues, and do not deal with women who are currently pregnant and considering an abortion.

To Contact Us:
email: [email protected]
Regular Mail:
PASS Website
P.O. Box 2275
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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If you have problems creating your account or accessing the message boards, please email tech support at [email protected] or use the Guest Board on the boards below. /h4> message boards For Informational Purposes - (the people listed below do not claim to have any problems with PASS, this is just a list) Public' women and men who have shared that they have had an abortion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I realized that one of the main feelings I struggled with when I first started dealing with my abortions was my feeling of 'aloneness' - my feeling that I must be the 'only' woman in the world who's had an abortion, and even if I wasn't, I was sure no one else 'important' had ever had one.

So one thing that made me feel better was when I read stories or accounts from public or 'famous' women who shared that they had had an abortion too. It made me feel less alone, and less like there was something 'wrong' with me. So to help other women who are dealing with PASS, I am starting this list here of public women that have shared that they've had an abortion. Some of these people are from earlier times, so you may not know who they are - if you are interested, google them and you can see who they were and why they are/were famous.

All of the names below have been stated by the person themselves either in an interview or in writings, shows, etc. Some are 'rumored' or reported by other people, but not directly confirmed by the person themselves or their estate.

***Rumored ones have an (R) beside them.***

Public/Famous women who've had an abortion, in alphabetical order.

* Nicole Appelton - singer
* Anne Archer - actress
* (R) Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy - Publicist - wife of JFK JR. (reported by an ex-lover after her death)
* Polly Bergen - actress
* Erin Brokovitch - lawyer, activist, public motivational speaker
* Gwendolyn Brooks - writer/poet
* Cher - actress, singer
* Margaret Cho - comedian
* Jill Clayburgh - actress
* Dorothy Day - activist
* Ani DiFranco - singer
* Linda Ellerbee - news reporter
* Amber Frey - author/mistress of Scott Peterson
* Ava Gardner - actress
* Judy Garland - actress
* Whoopi Goldberg - actress
* Maria Hinojosa - author
* Elizabeth Jane Howard - writer
* Elizabeth Janeway - author
* Ulrika Johnson - actress
* Frida Kahlo - artist
* Yvonne Kapp - writer
* Margot Kidder - actress
* Lil' Kim - singer
* (R) Beyonce' Knowles - singer (Destiny's Child)
* (R) Elsa Lanchester - wife of actor Charles Laughton
* Rosamund Lehmann- writer
* Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez - singer (TLC)
* Traci Lords - actress
* Ursula K. Le Guin - science fiction writer/author
* Madonna - singer/actress
* Monica Lewinski - white house intern
* Edna St Vincent Millay - poet
* Diana Mitford - british writer and 'socialite'
* Jessica Mitford - british writer and 'socialite'
* (R) Marilyn Monroe - actress
* Rita Moreno - actress
* Kathy Najimy - actress
* Stevie Nicks - singer (Fleetwoord Mac)
* Anais Nin - artist/writer
* Sinead O'Connor - singer
* Jennifer O'Neill - actress
* Sharon Osbourne - actress/music producer - wife of Ozzie Osbourne
* Grace Paley - author
* Marge Piercy - writer
* (R) Sylvia Plath - author
* Ally Sheedy - actress & author
* Suzanne Somers - actress
* Hunter Tylo - actress
* Jane Russell - actress
* Nora Sayre - film critic
* Gloria Steinem - writer, activist
* Alice Walker - writer
* Rebecca Walker - writer
* Antonia White - writer
* (R) Oprah Winfrey - talk show host
* Barbara Windsor - actress
Famous Men whose partner at one time had an abortion

* Notorious B.I.G. - rapper
* (R) John Bobbitt - public figure through assault by his wife
* Ben Folds - lead singer Ben Folds Five
* (R) R. Kelly - singer
* (R) John F. Kennedy, Sr -former president
* Marilyn Manson - singer
* (R) Elvis Pressley - actor/singer
* Kid Rock - singer
* (R) O.J. Simpson - athlete/actor
* Usher - rap singer
* Robbie Williams - actor
* Eddie Vedder - singer (Pearl Jam)

Web design & contents copyright � 1998 and forward "jilly", PASS Website.

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Note: There is another abortion-related website, run by David Reardon and the Elliot Institute, found at www.afterabortion.ORG - the website you are on right now is www.afterabortion.COM, and is not affiliated with that website, or with David Reardon or the Elliot Institute - we just happen to have the same url, but with different suffixes.

Volunteering and Site Support

The message boards, email lists and chat rooms require you to sign up for a username and password, but there are no fees invovled. No financial contributions or volunteer efforts are required to access any of the resources here. However, if you are interested in helping to support this site, and you believe in the work this site does, here are ways you can help. You can make a financial donation, purchase items from our online store, or you can volunteer time to help us help each other! Check the Volunteer Page for more details.

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