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I need someone to talk to right now!

Help for you - Options on finding places at the site for talking.

  • Talking on the phone:
    If you are feeling like you need to talk to someone right now, we have a couple of options for you. If you want to talk to someone on the phone, we currently do not have our own phone support here at the PASS site. However we have a web page for you that lists crisis hotlines by state, and you can call a hotline in your area right away. These hotlines are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day. People are sitting by the phones waiting to reach out to you, and listen, so please call if you feel upset or suicidal.

  • Online Privacy Information:
    Please review the section on "Protecting your Privacy Online" - this is VERY important for women who want to keep their abortion experience confidential, and keep their personal information private online. Good guidelines for ALL online usage.

  • Interactive Areas
    We have interactive areas here at the site, such as message boards and chat rooms. We screen visitors as well as we can, but because of the "open global access" of the Internet, and the heated nature of anything related to 'abortion', we sometimes have people who come to the site and say or post inappropriate discussions. When someone does post or say things against site rules, we take appropriate action against them. Because of the open access nature of the Internet, there's no way we can be 100% sure what someone will say or do, so be prepared for occasional disruptions. This does not happen often, but we want you to know this is a possibility.

  • Talking to someone here:
    If you can use a chat room, we have chats rooms open 24/7 - To check out the chat rooms, go here Chat Room Information

  • Talking on the message boards:
    You can also 'talk' to women through the message boards. This is a more time-delayed type of talking. You can put a post up on any of the message boards, talking about whatever you are feeling. Then during the next few hours when other women come by and read it, they can 'respond' to your post. This way you still get to talk and interact, but it's a little slwoer than a chat room. If you can't use a chat room, or no one is currently in the chat rooms, the message boards are an excellent alternative. Check out the message boards

  • Finding a "Pen Pal" or "Chat Buddy":
    One of our special message boards is a board called "Buddies Board", and if you are interested in finding someone to start emailing with right away, you can go to this board and either put up your own post about what you are going through, so people can email you, or read the posts already there, and choose a pen pal or 'buddy' from the people on the board. Please make sure you read the important privacy information at the top of the Pen Pal board before you start emailing someone! If you are interested in finding a "Chat Buddy"or a "Pen Pal" or being a "Chat Buddy" or "Pen Pal", please visit the Pen Pals & Chat Buddies message board in the Message Board Section

  • Neutrality Information:
    Just a reminder, to preserve the supportive, shared healing purpose of our site, we don't allow discussion of prolife or prochoice views or issues here, except through private emailing. We all have different views, and they are all important and valid, but in order to stay supportive of each other, we must avoid those topics on the message boards and in chat. However if you find a like-minded friend, you are free to discuss whatever topics you like through private messages and email.

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Send any questions to [email protected]