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Crisis Help

Website with Hotline Numbers by State and International numbers

If you are feeling hopeless, suicidal and like you don't want to go on, you're not alone! Many women struggle with feelings of hopelessness and darkness after an abortion. Women with unexpected pregnancies can also experience feelings of hopelessness and desperation.

These hotlines are for ANY emotional crisis, dealing with things like intense memories, rape, incest, abuse, self-injury, eating disorders and subsstance abuse.

You can get help for your particular situation, and you can find ways for dealing with the crisis, emotions and sadness you are feeling. PLEASE don't hesitate to look up a number for your area and call! Many of the women who staff these phone hotlines are women who have been through their own personal struggles with different issues, and are eager to help out other women facing unspeakable pain, loneliness and grief. No matter what is causing you to feel so bad that you are thinking of hurting or killing yourself, someone at these hotlines will understand, and will be there to help. If you only want someone to listen to you, they will do that as well. They can also help you find resources in your area for affordable counseling and doctors that specialize in your particular problem.

Posts about suicidal feelings or threats to commit suicide on the message boards
A common issue for women after an abortion can be depression, and occasionally suicidal feelings. We want to reach out, support, encourage and empower all the women here, so please feel free to talk about your depression and your feelings.

However, we do not allow posts that threaten suicide, contain threats to hurt others, or to hurt yourself. Posts of this type will be removed, with the exception of self-abuse addiction posts. For women with a problem with self-abuse, those posts are allowed only on the addictions and self-abuse board.

This site is a 'peer-support' site, and is not a substitute for professional medical help. If you are feeling suicidal, this is an emergency that you should take seriously, and you need to seek immediate medical help for this. If you don't have money or insurance, you can still get help, don't let the idea that you can't afford it stop you - there are many programs in place to help people feeling suicidal, and the information listed on our crisis help page can lead you to resources and people in your area to help you.

Remember, we are an 'on-line' support group centered on PASS support, and there is only so much we can do to help through email, chats and posting on the message boards. If you are feeling suicidal or can't stop hurting yourself through things like self-injury, eating disorders or substance abuse, you MUST take the iniative to call a hotline or find a local resource or doctor, and get help. We cannot fix these things for you online. You must put yourself in charge of finding help for your problem in your local area.

There are many caring people waiting to talk to you and help you on the hotlines listed there.

And if you just 'want to talk', that is fine too, you can call them, and talk, and cry, and tell them your feelings. Please don't be afraid, the women on these nationwide hotlines truly care, and want to help!

Important! If you need immediate help, want to speak with someone immediately or have started a suicide attempt (i.e. you've cut yourself, taken pills, too much alcohol or other dangerous chemicals) please call 911 NOW, or call your local hospital emergency room. If you are not in the United States, check the hotline link for an International number for your area.

Read information about "Clinical Depression", take a test to see if you are struggling with it, and read info on how to find a good counselor.

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